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Welcome to the non-profit Heartwood Folk School of Pender Island, BC, Canada!

Our mission is to teach practical, joyful, Earth-caring and community-strengthening CLASSES to adults and also younger folks.  Come learn about food growing, sustainable energy, traditional arts and skills, and also wellbeing and community capacity building.


You can also check out two collaborative community initiatives that we host… 

1. GULF ISLANDS Co-op Proposal:  including a Registry for our amazing island Food Producers, Arts, Education and more…

2. GULF ISLANDS CALENDAR:  for fascinating educational, artistic and other events, in the beautiful Southern Gulf Islands of B.C., Canada!


See the green menu above for our posts and other activities, and dive in!

Logo and/or photo credits: Mae Moore,
Everest Lapp, 
Henny Schnare, Zorah Staar