October 29, 2016 – AGM, new Coordinator invited, looking forward

Greetings!  Past Members and any interested folks are warmly invited to the October 29 Annual General Meeting of the non-profit Heartwood Folk School Society.  Special Invitation:  If you become a Member at this AGM ($5 fee), you can receive free entry to the Cedar Basket Making Class that follows.  In any event, Heartwood is at a crossroads, and we are seeking a new Coordinator, so come help decide and create our future together!


AGM DATE:  Saturday, October 29, 2016  (please read info below & RSVP if you can)

TIME:  9:45 am (no more than an hour), before 11:00 am Cedar Basket Making Class

LOCATION:  Community Hall upstairs, 4418 Bedwell Harbour Road, Pender Island, BC

PURPOSE OF MEETING:  All BC non-profit societies need to have an Annual General Meeting each year, to welcome new Members, review the past year’s activities and finances, elect Directors for the coming year, and talk about what next.  Children are welcome at this one, and people don’t need to become a Member or pay a fee to take part in this community conversation.

In addition, this is a key time to invite new possibilities and participation for Heartwood, because Coordinator Zorah Staar has moved to Victoria.  Therefore, we are inviting expressions of interest to be the new Coordinator (a part-time position subject to grant funding).  NEW VOLUNTEER DIRECTORS are also invited.  To express interest, please contact Zorah at 250-891-2424 or info@heartwoodfolkschool.ca


  • Heartwood continuing as usual, with Food Growing, Sustainable Energy, and other classes partially funded by grants
  • Heartwood seeking greater cooperation with the Hall and other Pender groups (e.g. re: classes and grant applications)
  • Heartwood potentially expanding geographically, beyond Pender Island, BC if this would increase sustainability
  • Heartwood expanding into other community capacity-building, as you may suggest…  OR
  • Heartwood winding up our activities, if there is support (as always), but just not enough leadership people with the time to take up the reins.   We understand.  On little Pender Island, the most interested people usually have the most to do.  Let’s figure this out on October 29….  (please RSVP to info@heartwoodfolkschool.ca if you think you’ll be showing up to chat)
September 28, 2016