The Amazing Living Soil (June Class/Discussion)

Coming up on Saturday, June 17th, 2017!  from 10am until noon at the Pender Island Community Hall (upstairs) Email for details.

The Amazing Living Soil: Respecting the Inhabitants of Your Soil …with Mark Benson

A multitude of fascinating and innovative soil management strategies from around the world focusing on soil microbiology.

Hugelkultur, seawater used as nutrient source, aerated and static composting, compost teas, green manures, natural farming and more. Discussion as to why NPK testing cannot explain Pender’s forest growth, and the common thread of why the less interference of the soil we know so little about, is better.  This is not just a lecture but also an interactive discussion, with participants exploring many and varied successful approaches to soil fertility management.


May 9, 2017