August 7, 8, & 9 Inter-Island Gathering

I spoke too soon about the summer break for PCT!  In brief, now a wonderful opportunity has arisen for interested Penderites to attend a fun, cooperative, inter-island gathering of the sustainability / local resilience tribe, on August 7-8-9 at beautiful Montague Harbour on Galiano Island.

This gathering is being organized by the Island Futures Boat Network people from Gabriola Island (see, in cooperation with Pender Community Transition and other similar folk on Galiano, Mayne, Salt Spring, and possibly Saturna.  The main circles/meetings and evening music-making are to be on Wednesday, August 8, but people are invited to get there on August 7 and stay over until August 9.  As many of us as possible are also being invited to come by small boat (sail, row, power), although this is not required.

Pender Skippers with boats who want to help bring people over and/or back (and also be part of the discussions themselves, if they choose) are especially invited to contact PCT ASAP (see below).  Note that Island Futures has a grant to reimburse skippers for their fuel and moorage costs.  What’s the goal here?  In brief, it’s to…

“discuss rebuilding the kind of inter-island communication, cooperation, sharing, trade, and transportation that previously existed between the Gulf Islands, potentially to be facilitated by an organized network of existing small boats, and in other ways.  This could support our communities to become not only more sustainable, but also more resilient, self-sufficient, and economically relocalized, with all the local islands invited to cooperate.”  This includes key issues like local food growing, renewable energy, alternative transportation, and community arts & wellbeing (potentially to be discussed in sub-groups on August 8.

Logistics are still being worked out.  Interested Penderites without boats are also invited to contact PCT ASAP, and perhaps we can match you with a skipper, or you can take the ferry, cycle, walk-on, carpool, etc.  People can sleep on their boats, or in the Montague Harbour provincial park campground, on the foreshore of which is where the inter-island gathering is to occur (under those Fall-Fair type tents).  We suggest that you reserve a camping spot ASAP if you want one.  There are also other places to stay on Galiano, which you can find on the web.

My understanding is that the gathering is to be free (other than your own costs), informal, fun, kid-friendly, and exciting…   with connection, inspiration, and useful inter-island information-sharing on issues relating to community sustainability, resilience, and cooperation.  Let PCT know your agenda or other suggestions, and we can pass them on!  Bring your little ones, musical instruments, and community-building ideas.  Stay tuned for more, or check the PCT website at for updates.  It would be great to hear who is potentially interested, and I hope you are having a super summer in any event!

Zorah Staar, PCT Coordinator
phone: 250-629-3825