Our Roots! (Heartwood background & other folk schools)

This is a background page for the Heartwood Folk School, and the other folk schools that inspired us!  You can see our home page for links to more current info.

Our non-profit society was previously known as the Pender Community Transition Society (PCT), of Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Of PCT’s 3 years of activities up to 2013 (see Past Classes), our educational skills-teaching had the greatest interest and impact.

This is why in February, 2014, PCT became the Heartwood Folk School for Sustainability & Resilience!  This involves focusing totally on skill-building education (for adults and accompanying younger learners), and evolving into a strong Pender and area Folk School – to serve our neighbouring Southern Gulf Islands, and visiting learners from all over.  As a key first step on February 8, 2014, members of the Pender Community Transition Society officially voted to become the non-profit Heartwood Folk School Society!

See the Heartwood home page and the above links for what our ever-evolving folk school now seeks to offer, in cooperation with other valuable educational sources from the Gulf Islands of BC and beyond.  This includes reaching out with great respect to local First Nations, and Elder or younger experts of all backgrounds.

References:  Folk Schools began in Denmark and the U.S., and now there are many worldwide (see links below).  The current model focuses on practical education, connected with the places where we live.  Many valuable, beautiful skills (sometimes called “lost arts”) come from a more resilient past in our communities.  Other key skills come from sustainable innovations (e.g. new solar thermal technologies), which could be very useful in our particular area.

Skill-building education like this can help us to sustain our Earth, and also to respond more resiliently to local and worldwide challenges affecting island communities (e.g. ferry issues, climate instability, energy and food supply issues, financial uncertainties, and more).  In addition, the Folk School process of hands-on teaching of practical skills, by local and visiting experts of various backgrounds, can connect community members and communities in powerful ways!

“By doing the practice, you awaken your heart and you awaken your courage.” (Pema Chodron)

Cedar Root Folk School (near Port Townsend, Washington)

* Living Arts Folk School (Colorado)

* Cloverdale Craft School (St. Andrews, Manitoba)

Driftless Folk School (Wisconsin)

Adirondack Folk School (Lake Luzerne, New York)

* North House Folk School (Grand Marais, Minnesota)

John C. Campbell Folk School (North Carolina, since 1920’s)