Feb, 2017: Blacksmithing Basics

FEBRUARY, 2017 BLACKSMITHING BASICS CLASS (and later follow-up intensive workshop): Imagine coming upon a clearing in the woods, woodsmoke rising up through old Douglas fir trees, sounds of laughter and….hammers! Blacksmith and instructor Justin Urbantas and the twelve class participants were busily creating and recreating the time honoured tradition of forging metal into useful items. The outdoor class was set up at the old barn site on Valley Home Farms, Pender Island. Below us, Dexter cows were grazing the fields as a hawk circled over our heads. Many of the people attending this class were new to blacksmithing, but by the end, everyone had fashioned a hook and seemed quite pleased with their achievement. Justin and his partner Rebecca, are also accomplished archeologists and homesteaders, and will be offering a more intensive class in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned! (and contact info@heartwoodfolkschool.ca if interested).  In the meantime, here are some photos to enjoy. Thank you to Valley Home Farms for opening their gates and supporting our endeavour!

Short class video: go to YouTube and search Blacksmithing Basics February 2017

Dan makes a rail tie knife!

Outdoor field lab

Tool of the trade

Blacksmithing Basics class…keeping the fire hot!


February 12, 2017