Carpentry & Woodworking for Beginners

CLASS NAME:  Carpentry & Woodworking for Beginners (a course by Barry Nikiforuk)

DATES:  Saturday, September 27 & Saturday, October 11, 2014 (noon, Community Hall)

Note: These classes were a success and may be repeated or expanded in future.  Please contact Barry at or 250-539-0017 if this may interest you!

At a Heartwood Folk School meeting earlier this year, a handy guy by the name of Barry Nikiforuk suggested a course on “Carpentry and Woodworking for Beginners.”  Immediately, 7 people in the room expressed interest!  Alas, Heartwood itself is not yet able to offer this course, because we’re still in the process of fundraising for things like new insurance, and for the sustainable energy and local food growing classes that we plan to do next.

However, Barry Nikiforuk is keen, and here’s his description of the 3-module course that he personally is planning to organize and offer.  This is not hands-on, but rather an introductory demonstration course, with lots of opportunities for question and answer.  The cost will be $20 per 2-hour module (choose 1, 2, or all 3).  Pre-registration is required (email or call 250-539-0017).  Modules 1 and 2 are on Saturday, September 27, from noon to 2 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm, and are: “An introduction to carpentry and woodworking, hand and power tools”, and “Buying wood, plywood, and engineered woods, and basic wood joinery techniques”.  Then on Saturday, October 11, from noon to 2 pm, is Module 3 about “Basics of wood finishing, stains, fillers, varnishes” and more, all dependent upon demand.  Please contact Barry directly for more details.  Let’s get handy!

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