Energy: Community Building, Food & Water

From Peter Carter: Hi Zorah, you have come a long way, this is great.  First doing any project on energy together is great because it builds community.  Having said that my perspective and proposals will not fit with the general view. 

Soon this civilization will collapse. Post peak oil and catastrophic levels of atmospheric GHGs make that certain.   Canada will be better than most regions but certainly affected.  Our dependency on US and Latin American food is dangerous as those regions will be hit badly by climate change.  All communities will become isolated in terms of what we are used to.   Long distance centrally produced power supplies and food supplies will not be reliable. So the first essential is community building- and that means developing physical projects together.  And our local energy must be linked to local food production. 

Also, any region that has a good site for wind must install whatever can be afforded- a local build is best for community building.  As an island our best potential is the sea around us.   We need to look into wave and tidal. Obviously there is lots of power around us there.   Again local development is best. 

There is no survival other than a zero carbon future. The science is definite.  Therefore (fossil fuel) energy conservation and efficiency is good to do, but does not help our future security.

 Water power was civilizations first source.  All our houses are supplied with running water.  There is some potential power there. 

I also think that we need a project to investigate manual operated – appliances.   A cottage local industry would be fun.   Homes should be supplied with human driven backup generators. 

Money and resources therefore had best only go the zero carbon (everlasting) energy development/ redevelopment. 

Developing on island sustainable fertilizer capacity for local agriculture is a priority.  

We need to look into the prospects of kelp for local production.

 How about seashore aquaculture (its not for me but..)

 Having said all that however the most effective thing is political involvement to push for energy and food production conversion. 

Peter Carter

April 1, 2011