2011 Energy Day, nut tree project, and DVD

So there was a power failure, setting up a dark gym with headlamps, multiple competing events, and finally an evacuation!  Despite all this, PENDER’S FIRST ENERGY DAY on November 12, 2011 (see poster) was very well-attended and went amazingly well.  About 150 Pender adults and kids came through, and I’m sure the Kikuchi family’s deliciously-sustainable food was part of why a bunch of them stuck around for a while.

There were also expert guest speakers about do-it-yourself energy conservation projects, home energy evaluations, solar water heating, and other energy options for greater sustainability and resilience.

A super part of the Energy Action Day was the kids playing their way through the “energy question stations”, inspiring us with their energy pictures (see above), and watching with big eyes as the grown-up energy “keeners” demonstrated their cool gizmos.  Thanks so much to all the people and groups who helped and participated, and to the Pender LTC’s, Eco-Homes Network, CRD, and Vancity for helping fund this event!  As a follow-up, we’re having a SOLAR WATER HEATING INFO MEETING on November 22 (go to PCT’s Current Events and Energy References, Tips & Skills to see what’s up).

Yet community transition is about more than energy.  There’s also food growing, economic relocalization, alternative transportation, reducing waste, protecting biodiversity, building community spirit and wellbeing – key ways our communities can become more resilient, self-sufficient, and Earth-friendly.

This is why PCT has just acquired 11 LITTLE HAZELNUT TREES (and 2 walnut trees), intended to have their permanent growing place on the Pender School grounds (but don’t tell your kids – this is a present we’re going to ask them to guess about!).  What gives?  Protein!  That’s what nut trees give us, and a lot more.  There are already some great Pender growers and groups working on increased local growing of veggies and fruits, but we also need to explore growing more proteins and starches (e.g. nuts, beans, grains, potatoes, etc.)

Before we plant the hazelnut trees, PCT will invite all interested folk (teachers, parents, kids, other groups and community members) to figure out the why, where, and how… together!  Part of the “how” is money, and that’s where you come in.  PCT needs help to pay for strong deer fencing, planting soil, and more nut trees!  Have you flown in the past few years?  Here’s your chance to mail a “local carbon offset” donation of $50 or more to our non-profit Pender Community Transition Society (c/o 6612 Harbour Hill Drive, Pender Island, BC, V0N 2M1).  Go to Community Protein & Starch Growing to learn more and get nutty.

Maybe you haven’t felt like “leaving on a jet plane” for a bit, but you have another secret wish – to get into the movie business!  Our YOUTH & ELDER FILM PROJECT: “Old & New Wisdom, for a Brighter Future” is having kids interview Pender Elders.  This started November 2 at the amazing Pender Museum. The film is about old wisdom and ways of living that involved much greater community connection, cooperation, and local creation of food or goods, and how that connects with new wisdom and sustainability.  For example, older folk can know a lot about living well, while needing much less energy and “stuff”.

We invite any interested person to call 629-3825 about having a friendly interview for the Youth & Elder Film.  We also invite anyone to make a $20 donation (same address as above) towards DVD duplication costs, and then be one of the first people to receive the resulting DVD.  GreenAngels has kindly offered to match donations, to help us to share the inspiration of our Pender Elders and Youth as widely as possible.  See Youth & Elder Film for more.

There’s lots more on this website, for you to learn, connect, and get involved.  All Penderites, Penderlings, and Pender groups have much to learn from each other, and many gifts to share with our community!

Zorah Staar, PCT Coordinator

renewable ebergy image

November 20, 2011