Here’s the newest Pender Energy Research Report (updated October, 2014).  See also the LATEST NEWS about Heartwood sustainable energy use classes, on solar and other options

Background:  In late 2011, our non-profit society (formerly PCT, now Heartwood) obtained a small Capital Regional District grant for a practical, preliminary research report on the following topic:

Low-Carbon and Renewable Energy Options for Pender Island:
What’s Doable Now and for the Future?

In April, 2011, the first draft was released, and covered energy options such as solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, heat pumps, wind power, microhydro and more.

We did the 2014 update because many cost and technology factors have changed significantly since 2011 (e.g. solar photovoltaic prices have decreased by up to 70%).  This new report will now be presented at Heartwood’s upcoming November 1, 2014 Sustainable Energy Classes.

In addition, we invite you to go to ENERGY REFERENCES, TIPS & SKILLS to see other sources of useful renewable energy information.

renewable ebergy image