Food Growing – February & March activities

Greetings!  We invite everyone to the School Nut Tree Meeting (Thursday, February 9, noon to 2 pm, School Community Room).  See here for more about this.

The Farmers’ Institute invites everyone to Seedy Saturday (February 25, 10 am to 2 pm, Community Hall).  See here for more about helping with a Pender Community Seed Bank.

See Current Events about the 2nd Organizational Cooperation Meeting (Saturday, March 10, 6:30 pm, Community Hall), which can include more cooperative discussion about:

*FOOD GROWING: Buying some community farmland (e.g. the Ross-Smith or Hastings land) is the #1 cooperative priority!  Email or come out on March 10 to help, especially re: funding research.  Email about Pender seeking resources to have more great projects like the Galiano Food Program!