FOOD REFERENCES, TIPS & SKILLS:  This page is where we have started to gather information to help us sustainably grow, gather, and preserve local food, in ways that help ourselves and our community to become more self-sufficient and resilient.  See also the list of food growing classes on our home page.

INVITATION: If you have some useful food references or grow-it-yourself tips and skills to share on this website, we invite you to send them our way email or comments on posts.

CAUTION:  You should triple-check anything you read on the internet or are told by someone, before trying it yourself.  In other words, do your own follow-up research and be safe out there!

NOTE: See also ENERGY REFERENCES, TIPS & SKILLS and DO-IT-YOURSELF REFERENCES, TIPS & SKILLS (for useful D-I-Y materials other than on energy or food growing).

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