GULF ISLANDS Co-op Proposal

for Food Producers and Island Sustainability!

1. INVITATION:  Dear Pender, Galiano, Mayne and Saturna farmers, other producers, and islands folkswith a special invitation to the Coast Salish peoples whose traditional territories are the Southern Gulf Islands (SGI)


2. FUNDING TO PLAN A CO-OP:  The non-profit Heartwood Folk School has a Community Works grant, for collaborative planning of the best potential Gulf Islands co-op!  This co-op could prioritize:

(A)  the Southern Gulf Islands (SGI) Electoral Area, and beneficial co-operation with others;

(B)  primary support for food producers, as in the new SGI Food & Agriculture Strategy; and

(C)  some broader support for other producers and island sustainability, as in the SGI 2020 Strategic Plan.


3. PRESENTATIONS & DISCUSSIONS:  how a CO-OP could meet food producer and other needs…

(A)  Pender Community Hall:  October 14 – Co-op Presentation, Vancity Presentation, and Notes (in progress)

(B)  Galiano South Hall:  SUNDAYOctober 29 (1:00 pm to 3:30 pm) – all welcome!

(C)  Mayne and Saturna: You’re up next, then more meetings on each island, so check back here or…


REGISTER NOW to hear more about this GULF ISLANDS Co-op Proposal, and also
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4.  SUPPORTIVE CO-OP ACTIONS For Food Producers, this could include increased access to agricultural land, storage or equipment; advocacy; education; joint marketing; and online multi-vendor ecommerce (e.g.  Ottawa Valley Food Co-op and Cowichan Valley Cow-op).  Other island producers have similar needs that a co-op might serve, starting with the above Registry and Calendar for all SGI producers.


5.  CONTACT:   Food Producer Outreach: Colleen Doty at 250-539-2737; Project Coordinator: Zorah Staar (250-891-2424).  Email with questions, and to say how a Co-op could best help you!