GULF ISLANDS EVENTS – Current and Year-Round

Fascinating Gulf Islands Events are happening right now!  See our CURRENT PHOTO LIST of educational, artistic and community dates.

There are also exciting YEAR-ROUND Gulf Islands events to experience.  Here are more examples

An annual New Year’s Eve celebration of creativity and wonder, magical for both kids and adults (see HERE for more):


Galiano Island – ANNUAL GALIANO LITERARY FESTIVAL:   February, 2017 included a brilliant line-up of over thirty talented Canadian writers from BC, Alberta, and Quebec (see HERE).


Mayne Island – FESTIVAL ACTIVE PASS (April, 2017):   An annual event to celebrate the natural beauty and wildlife of the Salish Sea, the communities within it, and the art it inspires (see HERE)


Saturna Island – ANNUAL LAMB BARBEQUE (July 1):   This event is into summer already, but it’s the biggest, boldest Saturna event of the year, so it deserves special mention (see HERE)


CURRENTLY:  Here are the GULF ISLANDS EVENTS coming up next!