This is the post category for DO-IT-YOURSELF, TECHNICAL & TRADITIONAL SKILLS that could be taught through the Heartwood Folk School.  Where to begin?  You could c heck out:

* DO-IT-YOURSELF REFERENCES, TIPS & SKILLS (some interesting links there); and
* ENERGY REFERENCES, TIPS & SKILLS (including renewable energy devices).

There has been a good suggestion to have the first Heartwood mechanical class be about Small Engine Basics & Repair, and we already have two teachers in mind.  Then there is a group wanting to organize a “Repair Cafe” class where people learn to repair various items.  We also plan to have a Fall sustainable energy class on Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic: Intro to New Options & Incentives (see here).

The non-profit Heartwood Folk School needs to work out some insurance issues before we jump into more technical teaching, but we will get there!  In the meantime, please let us know what YOU would like to learn or teach in this realm, especially skills that will make community members and our community more sustainable and resilient.

June 28, 2014