“nettlefest” plant workshop, dinner & celebration


(see photos!)

Saturday, March 9, 2013, 3 pm wild plant workshop, 5 pm potluck and 7 pm musical celebration, Community Hall

This is a free, all-ages, food-sharing and musical event…  to celebrate the coming of spring, the green and purple wonder of nettles as a gift from our Earth, other delicacies made of food from our local growers, and the wondrous connections of our amazing community!  All Pender grown-ups and kids are invited to come hang out for some Nettlefest activities, whether you’re a nettle lover or nettle-neophyte, or just want to hear some new music!  Please check back here for the latest schedule and details, before you head out.

We plan to begin at 3:00 pm at the Community Hall, with two activities (at about the same time): a WORKSHOP ON NETTLES & OTHER WILD PLANTS, AS FOOD & MEDICINE (involving local herbal  & food experts and anyone interested), and also some local chefs whipping up nettle delicacies, as a cooking demo for the foodies.

Then starting at 5:00 pm, everyone is invited to gather at the Hall to share potluck dishes or desserts, ideally including either nettles or other locally grown food (e.g. local eggs, beans, veggies, fruit, meat optional).  Note: please bring your own bowl-ish plates (for soup), cutlery, beverages, and food item to share.  Some possibilities: nettle soup, nettle lasagna, nettle quiche – pretty well any cooked dish that has vegetables in it could include some incredibly tasty, very mild, healthy nettles.   And if you’re strapped to get the nettle/local food thing going in time, just bring some good bread to share (we’ll need it for soup), and we’ll have butter on hand!

The evening program (starting around 7 pm)is planned to include exciting music for Pender ears.  We’ll start with Pender’s own ethereal Stella Sol group  (Matthew and Cher, www.stellasol.com).  Then Patrick Smith has been asked to share a folk song with a particular sting.  And finally we’ll have a rare chance to hear multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dan Weisenberger of Victoria (slide guitar wiz and more – see http://www.mutasis.com/records/artists_dweisenberger1.htm).

The evening will also include some just-for-fun competitions, for best nettle dish, best nettle product (serious or funny – you can pitch it to the group), and best nettle tribute poem or song.  Plus we’ll have the simple pleasure of sharing a community meal together!

Check back here for updated info before you head out, and email event organizer Adrian Schamberger ASAP (250-629-6968) if you’d like to contribute something in particular, or if you’re stuck for a nettle source.  Contact co-organizer Zorah Staar (250-629-3825) if you have a good nettle picking site or other interesting nettle stuff to share here.

Meanwhile they’re arriving! (see below, from February 15).   Now start your scouting…  nettles peeking through sunny-shady grass, near wet areas – look for last year’s tall brown stalks (e.g. Shingle Bay Park).  Then you’re all invited to come celebrate community on March 9!  (Note: please bring your potluck dish or dessert, a bowl-ish plate, cutlery, & non-alcoholic drinks)Or just show up with a bunch of nettles in hand  (wait, not in hand – they hurt), and we’ll steam them up for sharing.  Trust us – after 10 minutes of cooking, the sting is gone, and you have the best-tasting greens many Penderites have ever tried!