Wilderness Skills Classes – Thriving Roots

Like other folk schools, Heartwood has found a teacher who can offer Wilderness Skills teaching here, on Tuesday, April 21, 2015.  This is now confirmed as a 1-day program, for adults and also one or two of their children/youth over age 8, if they wish.  It is the Thriving Roots Wilderness School from Saanich (Teacher Daniella Roze), who is providing these classes.  You can see her bio here, and the skills she teaches here.

For April 21 on Pender, Daniella is proposing to teach a full-day class (tentatively 9 am to 4 pm), focussing on deep nature connection and the wilderness skills that the group has expressed the greatest interest in (friction fire making – see 1st picture below, wild plants for food and medicine, and forest shelter making).  The class fees are $90 per adult, plus $30 for each additional child/youth over 8 that a supervising family member has registered.  The location is a beautiful mossy forest, up above the Davies farm opposite the Driftwood Centre – with great gratitude to Austin Davies (turn onto Razor Point Road, and then into the first driveway on the left).

This class is now full (15 adults and 5 children as of March 26).  However, please email info@heartwoodfolkschool.ca ASAP if you’d like to be on the waiting list, or hear about future classes.  Teacher Daniella Roze (on the right, 2nd picture below) is about to provide the Thriving Roots Wilderness School registration forms and payment info, which we will pass on to participants shortly.  Let’s re-wild together!