Past Heartwood Classes

Below are Heartwood Folk School past classes on Pender Island (click class titles).  See upcoming Heartwood classes HERE.

See also Gulf Islands Events for fascinating classes and happenings on other islands!


2017 October – Co-op Model Presentation – Making A Sustainable Living Series


2017 Sept – The “Just Good Enough Business Plan” – What you REALLY need to know


2017 June – Amazing Living Soil (for Food Growers)


2017 April – Herb Growing & Gathering with Master Herbalist Don Ollsin


2017 March – Solar Photovoltaics: Global Perspectives, Local Solutions


2017 March – Bee in Your Garden Pollinator class


2017 February – Homeopathic First Aid 101


2017 February – Blacksmithing Basics


2017January – Heartwood Health & Happiness Hoedown


2016october – First Nations Cedar Basket Making


2016january – Introductory Homeopathy Classes


2015october – Building Simple Hoop Greenhouses


2015june – Food Preservation (Fermenting, Drying, Root Cellars & Canning


2015may – Do-It-Yourself Solar Hot Water, Passive Solar & Heat Recovery


2015april – Wilderness & Nature Skills


2015march – Practical Solar Photovoltaics


2015february – First Nations Pine Needle Basketry Classes


2015january – Composting Basics, and Soil Building


2014nov – Your First Food Garden, and Organic Growing


2014nov – Heat Pump, Wind, Water & Geothermal Energy – Local Options


2014nov – Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic – Intro to New Options & Incentives


2014septoct – Carpentry and Woodworking for Beginners


2014july – Practical & Computer Accounting for Local Groups & Enterprises


2014june – Top 20 Herbs to Wildcraft or Grow for our Health


2014june – Creating a Mushroom/Fungi Mixed Garden


2014march – Knitting & Wool Learning Day with Coast Salish Teachers


2013june – Fruit Trees & Fruit Juicing Workshop


2013march – Nettlefest Wild Plant Workshop & Community Dinner


2013feb – Innovation & Social Enterprise Workshop


2013january – Poultry Raising Workshop


2012november17-Energy Day workshop summary and poster


2012september29-Seed Saving Workshop and poster


Educational DVD/Film: Youth & Elders – Wisdom for a Brighter Future!


2012february 28 and 29 School Nut Tree Planting


2011November22-Solar Water Heating Information Meeting


2011November Energy Day summary and poster


PCT-2011sept29-Energy Group Minutes

2011apr22-Release of Pender Energy Research Report

2011mar5-Let’s Grow More Food on Pender MINUTES

2010june10-Brighter Future Pender Show poster