To date, our non-profit society has organized two Community Music Jams.  And before that came our Community Farmland benefit, the June 12, 2010 Brighter-Future-Pender Show (see 2010 Brighter Future Pender Show poster and more below).  What’s next, to keep musically building community and raising our spirits?  We invite Pender musicians to help us figure that out, and to send us their song mp3’s for our Creative Corner.

From July, 2010 Pender Post article: June 12 was a gorgeous Pender night…  to look out from the stage and see a packed Community Hall of 160 happy Penderites, back doors wide open to the summer evening light…  silhouetting the parents holding babies, dancing children, and people singing together about being here right now, and also about creating just as good of a future.

It was Pender’s first BRIGHTER-FUTURE-PENDER SHOW, and what a magical, big-feeling, community gathering a bunch of us had fun creating together!  It was all thanks to 35 courageous and heartfelt performers, and an equal number of hardworking volunteers (including fabulous dessert makers!)

And because of the wonderful community audience who turned out, we raised a chunk of money and awareness for the Pender Community Farmland Acquisition Project.  We also honoured other Pender groups who are already showing us how to create a more connected, resilient, Earth-friendly and happy future!