GULF ISLANDS DIRECTORY (To Register & Details)

Welcome, Gulf Islands food producers, other producers, and other supporters who’d like to register your interest in the GULF ISLANDS CO-OP and/or broader cooperation for island sustainability!


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CLICK  GULF ISLANDS DIRECTORY to see who’s expressed interest so far…


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QUESTIONS:  Feel free to contact or 250-891-2424


GULF ISLANDS CO-OP (all the basic info, plus updates)

GULF ISLANDS CALENDAR – Add listing (which can include approximate dates, “Open House” days for farmers and artists, and any other event that certain people might be interested to come see! )

VIEW THE CALENDAR and make it rise in the search results by PUTTING THIS LINK ON YOUR WEBSITE:

” See the GULF ISLANDS CALENDAR of EVENTS (Educational, Artistic/Musical & Other), at ”  Thanks!