Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre Society

The Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centre Society (SGI CRC) now has a new website!

This non-profit society was created in 2017, by islands folks including Melody Pender, Jim Peacock, Mamie Hutt-Temoana and Peter Pare.

The new GULF ISLANDS Co-op Proposal initiated by Heartwood Folk School is being developed in ongoing communication and co-operation with the above new Community Resource Centre (CRC) Society.

CO-OPs and non-profit societies have very different functions, so we believe that the SGI CRC and a new co-op can each be good complements to each other!  For example, the proposed GULF ISLANDS CO-OP is intended to provide direct economic benefits to its island Food Producer and other Producer Members, which a non-profit society cannot do.

SGI CRC Contacts include: Project Manager Lisa Fleming ( and President Jim Peacock (