Solar Water Heating Meeting

Pender’s first Energy Action Day on November 12 was very well-attended and went amazingly!  Now as a follow-up, we’ve scheduled a Solar Water Heating Information Meeting for Tuesday, November 22, 2011 (see minutes).
Anyone is welcome to come receive and share info, including the 16 homeowners considering installations by Certified Installer James Smyth (before the March 31, 2012 rebate deadline), and those who are exploring various other options (such as do-it-yourself).  I have not yet received the additional price info from James Smyth, but will forward it when I do (to the group of 16 and others who ask me).  Also, some new Thermomax vacuum tube info has now been added to the Solar Water Heating references at
Note that every homeowner’s needs and costs will be different, including whether they require extra things like a new hot water tank.  Other cautions are to verify that you have enough sun, and to check with your insurer about any restrictions or premium impacts, with CRD Building Inspection about the required plumbing permit, and with your local Water Improvement District if you are part of one.
Note also that to be eligible for $1,750 of rebates for a solar water heating installation, you need to start with a home energy audit or evaluation, and the first step before that is to register with NRCan and get a CID number. It’s easy to do online at:
Then after the solar water heating system is installed, a second audit must be done before the March 31, 2012 rebate deadline.  All the good service providers will likely be booked long before that, so this is getting near your last chance to get on the train (especially if you’re not yet one of the 16 who’ve expressed interest to me).  If you want to jump in now, please tell me and I will send you more info, plus you should go first to  Thanks for being willing to consider something new!
Zorah Staar
November 17, 2011