New class: The “Just Good Enough” Business Plan

Heartwood is now offering the class below, as the first in a series of classes on “Making a Sustainable Living on an Island.”  See HERE about additional upcoming classes!


CLASS TITLE: The “Just Good Enough” BUSINESS PLAN: What do you really need to know?

DATE: Saturday, September 16 (10:00 am to 12:30 pm), Pender Islands Community Hall

INSTRUCTOR: Ben Kadel, current Co-Manager of Pender Island’s Valley Home Farm, and with significant past business and training experience (see Emotus Operandi)


All interested persons welcome!  Young/new island entrepreneurs are especially invited, and existing business folks will have points to learn as well (e.g. if they want to expand their business).

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Everyone says you need a business plan if you want to start any kind of business – but what do you really need?  This workshop will focus on the value AND the limitations of business plans.  We’ll help you figure out how to plan, without getting stuck in the planning.  Participants will be able to identify what stage of the planning process they are at and the appropriate next steps for that stage, and leave the class with a set of templates to help guide them.

What are Business Plans good for? What can’t they do?
What is a “good enough” decision? (And why does it matter?)
Identifying your current stage of development (hunch to concept, concept to model, model to prototype, prototype to launch, launch to stability and expansion, and NEXT STEPS (with templates)

THANK YOU: to Southern Gulf Islands Director David Howe for providing support to these new classes on “Making a Sustainable Living on an Island”!