Introductory Homeopathy Classes – January, 2016


Would you like to know more about Homœopathy?

Homœopathy is an alternative approach to health where the remedies support the vitality of the whole being.  It is effective at many levels, from the everyday to very specific and chronic disease states.

Coming up very quickly, Caroline Dent of Pender Island (see bio below) is offering an informal introductory class or session, which will provide an opportunity for you to gain a perspective on the homœopathic approach.

There are 2 introductory classes (please attend just one – group size limited):

Saturday, January 16, 2:30 – 4:00 pm  OR Monday, January 18, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

There will be additional small group sessions in late January/early February to explore further the use of Homœopathic remedies at home and for First Aid (dates/venues to be announced).  The aim in these small group sessions is to provide information and support to enable the treatment of friends and family in everyday situations, e.g. use at ‘home’ and for First Aid.  These include acute conditions such as falls and bruising, stomach upset, travel sickness and other minor ailments. You must have attended an introductory session.

CAUTION:  These group sessions are being offered by Caroline Dent as an individual teacher (not Heartwood Folk School), and they are not intended in any way to replace medical treatment.  Participants are responsible for their own additional research and learning, and for how they may choose to use a homeopathic approach to health.

  • For more info & to register, please call Caroline Dent at 250-629-3387.
  • About Caroline Dent, Homœopath (BSc  Zool, PGCE Science, Dip H Devon, C.S.H member, BCSH member)

Caroline’s fascination and love of the natural world has evolved through her understanding and practice of Homœopathy.  She has extensive experience in both practice and teaching, recently as Director and principle teacher at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy (2011-2015).  She is very keen to promote a better understanding of effective healing using homeopathic remedies in everyday health for children and families.

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