HERE’S SOME NEWS about a new spirit circle opening up on Pender: New Moon Women’s Circle November 13, 2012

AND NOW AN UPDATE (from Eschara and Kali):
Hello everyone,
Wanted to update those of you who may be interested in joining us in circle.
There were 18 of us around the circle [on November 13, 2012] …  We began with a  smudging and lighting of candles and then gathered in circle.
We grounded and centered and then began a welcoming and round of introductions and what brought us all to the circle… some beautiful offerings and sharings…. finishing with sharing a sacrament plate and tea and a closing of the circle.
We decided to hold the next circle on Tues. Dec 11th… it seemed the best day for those present…  We will circle at 7 pm and close at 9 pm.
Look forward to seeing you there.
With Love,
Eschara and Kali
(Lee McNab and Sharon Slaney)


SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011 – WOMEN’S SPIRIT CIRCLE (initial meet & greet with tea, goodies, and a brief meditation, to talk about what this renewed circle could be, 10:30 am to noon

In addition, you’re invited to email info@heartwoodfolkschool.ca if you’d like to initiate or be part of a new women’s circle, or initiate a co-ed or mens’ spirit circle!

Background: In the past, a number of Pender women met regularly over the course of several years, at a monthly meditation session called Spirit Circle.  We took turns hosting and presenting information and experience on a broad range of spiritually-based topics, although the foundation of the gathering was silent breath meditation and toning with crystal medicine bowls.  We all found this to be a deeply nourishing circle that complimented our personal practice and inspired and supported our spiritual journey.

Because of a resurgence of interest in rekindling this group, I am offering my home as a venue for monthly meetings starting Sunday, March 6, 10:30 am to noon.  Date and time is negotiable so please call me with your preferences.  I am willing to facilitate this first circle, which I envision as a meet & greet with tea and goodies followed by a brief silent meditation and a discussion/envisioning of how we want to shape future sessions.