QUESTION for Food Producers – What do you need from a CO-OP?

Dear Southern Gulf Islands Food Producers and Food Groups,

We’ve had our initial Pender and Galiano meetings about potentially creating a new co-op!  Saturna and Mayne – you’re up next in February, 2018.  You can see the GULF ISLANDS Co-op Proposal for more.

BIG QUESTION: What do you need as a food producer, that a CO-OP could potentially help with?  Whether or not you’ve been able to attend a meeting yet, we’d love to see your thoughts here!

Some needs expressed so far include: major support needed re: soil building (funding for this being explored right now); greater access to agricultural land, equipment, and storage;  knowledge sharing; other support to increase growing capacity (to meet island demand); advocacy on behalf of farmers; and co-operative marketing and selling, to make it easier for food producers to sell their food at a fair price.

What do you need most as an island food producer?  See HERE for how you can easily register and log in, and then share your thoughts!

November 1, 2017

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