Youth & Elder educational DVD’s available

DVD’S NOW AVAILABLE (see below) for “YOUTH & ELDERS : WISDOM FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE” – a journey to learn about the North and South Pender Islands’ fascinating past, inspiring present, and key challenges ahead. This 65-minute film weaves together treasures from the Pender Museum, period photos, and (most of all) curious Pender kids interviewing Pender Elders!

We learn about old-time island skills for self-sufficiency and resilience, and also the greater inter-island connection and cooperation that once existed between Pender and the other Southern Gulf Islands (and could again).

We also see Pender youth (and grown-ups) bringing forward the best of the past… diving into local apple juicing, nut tree planting, nature and energy conservation. They’re helping to re-build the local capacity and spirit that can carry our communities through many worldwide challenges!

If you weren’t there for the film premieres, you can buy a Youth & Elder DVD by CONTACTING ZORAH STAAR at or (250) 629-3825. The price is $15 if you pick up your DVD from the Community Box at the mall, and $20 if you need it mailed to you (Canadian funds, all proceeds used towards PCT’s non-profit activities). Instead of calling first, you can also simply mail a cheque and your address to the Pender Community Transition Society (care of 6612 Harbour Hill Drive, Pender Island, BC, V0N 2M1). See here for more!